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Angst, Depression, and Hurt Starts Young

Begotten from fearlesparanoia, and as she said, a 12 year old wrote this.

Wilted Rose ( Very Sad Story)

Angie was a 12 year old wonder. She was always getting good grades and main parts in her play. Her parents were extremly proud of her and bragged to their friends. But Angie only did this for her parents. She had no friends and even her teachers thought she was annoying by answering every question asked. Everyday she came home crying. Her parents, so full of themselves, didn't notice her daily afternoon bawling. Sitting in her room one day, Angie started to think about committing suicide. She had never thought about killing herself before. She had over heard her classmates talking about a man who took his own life. But Angie had never really thought about it well. She sat there thinking about taking her own life and just starting a new life. She had always believed that you could have another chance at living. Now that she was older, things started to become more and more realistic.Finally it was time to go to bed. The next day at school people were coming up to her asking her what was wrong. Even her enemys were afraid something was going on. She didn't raise her hand in class. She didn't eat her favorite sandwich, peanut butter and jelly. This went on for a week. Her grades dropped. Her parents were mad. Instead of bragging to their friends, their friends were bragging to them about their children getting high grades. Her teacher told everyone to write a report on something interesting they have heard on the news. Angie handed her assignment a week early so it was read outloud. She wrote about committing suicide by stuffing rags in cracks in the car and killing yourself with carbon dioxide. To conclude her essay she told the class she wonders what it feels like and hopes to try it one day. She handed out rags that she called her "own Death Rags". This scared everyone. Her parents got a call from the princibal later that day telling them about the essay on death. Her parents were furious. Their perfect little daughter was turning into a nightmare. They couldn't stand the humiliation. That night they beckoned her into their room. Her father took a club and beat her to death. Her mother drove her to a nearby park. Then they called the police saying their little girl was missing. Five days later her brutely beaten body was found. The murderer was never found. But you know who it is don't you.

Melissa Buckman
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