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My Tears Spring Fresh

All copyright, me, xxcaedmonxx

I once fell in love
I say once because i never fell out
Beaten down again
Abused once more by her
I was still there
Abandoned I remained
A kiss we once had thats now only a memory
Dreams of you haunting my sleep
Misplaced hope for a future
Scars and tears
Heartache and fears
A life held captive by you

walking through like alone
an empty existence
defined by my conquests
When happiness would have come
From lives I've never touched
And Journies I should have skipped
A fact I shoould have known

We gather today, with the disenchantment of youth
To here commence under the clouds a lost congregation.
To some I am a student, a life long title I confess.
To some I am a dreamer, the lost one among us.
But throughout my education, my time of regurgitation, I have grown,
changed for the other.
And now listen closely, heed my words,
We alone hold the match to guide us;
To shake off the lies, to determine a truth,
Down a path that lies open before us
And fail or succeed it will burn out.
But what memories will we leave behind?
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