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Beautiful Mutilation (xpost)

Pain is Art
My scars tell a story,
My blood sings a song.
My skin is the canvas,
My life is painted on.
These cuts hold the secrets,
That I don’t wanna tell.
This razor marks the pain,
That I hide inside so well.

Self mutilation some called it,
Others self harm,
But how could it be mutilation,
When it was so beautiful,
So perfect.
And how could it be harmful,
When it was so freeing.
Feel the bliss of escape,
When the darkness is so overwhelming.

Bring the knife,
Hand quivering,
Over and over,
Until the panic slowly edges away.
No one notices the angry red gashes and white scars,
No one cares.

The quickest and easiest way to move forward,
From the pain,
The sadness,
And the intense panic.
Already suffering,
Without the release,
Feeling the comfort of the cool metal.
Overwhelmed by the reassurance the object seems to give.

Each scar has a meaning,
A reason for being there,
But how did it come to this?
No one knew.
How had it come to this?
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