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On Thorns and the Luna

Woe, brothers! Woe.

My companion in distress weeps tears of ice, clutching onto her innocence by a thread. Perverted members of the opposite sex, I detest you with a wild, vehement abandon. You've left my confidant stripped and bleeding in the cold, black rain.

I stab. I stab until I can feel the warmth of your crimson ooze all over my frigid fingers. I tear at your organs of filth; I force your odious intestines down your putrid throat. Perhaps that will make you think twice before you lay another calloused finger on her pale, perverted flesh.

There is more, brothers!

Of course it is the same, vile monotony of everyday life. My heart- still a frozen, black, decaying lump of flesh in my chest. What is its purpose, I scream against the wind of my soul. WHAT IS ITS PURPOSE? IS IT TO DAMN ME ETERNALLY?

Yes, it is, brothers. No amount of the pathetic rivulets that run forlornly down my worn face could ever make right this futile situation.
I ache for stolen blood and whispered threat. I ache for angels of night to assuage my sorrow.

Oh, moonless night, I yearn for thine silvery light.
Make right my vapid life.
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